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Wifi guides

  1. June 05, 2020

    WiFi Antennas - Which WiFi Antenna do you need?

    A WiFi Antenna is an important component of any wireless network. Its main purpose is sending and receiving the wireless signal waves over different frequencies.

    The power gain of an antenna decides the signal strength. It is measured in decibels (dB). Selecting the right antenna is one of the most common problems while installing a wireless network.

    Our quick overview of the different antenna types will help you choose the right WiFi Antenna for your application.

    There are many different reasons you might have for needing a WiFi Antenna. Some of these include:

    • - Boosting Office or Warehouse WiFi Signal
    • - Providing WiFi on a Campsite
    • - Extending WiFi Signal to an Outbuilding or Shed
    • - Connecting to a public WiFi network
    • - Create a Personal WiFi Hotspot
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  2. June 05, 2020

    How to Connect to WiFi on a Campsite

    Nowadays many Campsites offer free WiFi or a connection for a small fee. Often campsites offer a mesh network, which involves multiple access points spread out across the campsite. Many of these networks offer sporadic network coverage and signal strength. Line of sight can also often be a problem as WiFi signal tends to dissipate over distance or often fails to penetrate trees, other caravans, concrete etc.

    So how can you easily and simply connect to this WiFi?

    WiFi Antennas have the solution! We have a range of WiFi Extender Kits to get you safely and securely connected to these public campsite WiFi networks.

    Setting up your own personal WiFi Hotspot

    Our WiFi Hotspots will make browsing public WiFi safer and more secure so that your data is kept away from prying eyes and they're surprisingly easy to configure.

    There are

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  3. October 14, 2016

    GSM Mobile Phone Frequency Look up

    GSM Lookup

    We have published a new Lookup sheet for GSM Mobile Phone Frequency’s. The sheet covers frequency, bandwidth, Usage and Network types.

    Click here to download the Lookup sheet.

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