A WiFi Antenna is an important component of any wireless network. Its main purpose is sending and receiving the wireless signal waves over different frequencies.

The power gain of an antenna decides the signal strength. It is measured in decibels (dB). Selecting the right antenna is one of the most common problems while installing a wireless network.

Our quick overview of the different antenna types will help you choose the right WiFi Antenna for your application.

There are many different reasons you might have for needing a WiFi Antenna. Some of these include:

  • - Boosting Office or Warehouse WiFi Signal
  • - Providing WiFi on a Campsite
  • - Extending WiFi Signal to an Outbuilding or Shed
  • - Connecting to a public WiFi network
  • - Create a Personal WiFi Hotspot for Campsite WiFi - Guide


Omni Directional Antennas

Omni Directional Antennas are designed to offer broad, 360 degrees of coverage.

Ideal for campsites where multiple users will be connecting from different directions, as well as Office & Warehouses and users looking to create a personal WiFi hotspot

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Directional Narrow Beam

Narrow Beam Antennas

Narrow Beam Directional Antennas are generally used for long range point-to-point networks.

They are best used for extending WiFi signal from a home network to an outbuilding etc and require a clear line of sight.

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Directional Wide Beam

Directional Wide Beam Antenna

Wide Beam Directional Antenna are similar to narrow beam antennas

They are shorter range than Narrow Beam Antenna, and are ideal to providing a WiFi signal across something like a building yard. They also require a clear line of sight.

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Sector Antennas

Sector Antenna have a 120 degree pick up and are commonly used to provide professional WiFi Hotspots.

They are typically installed in sets of 3 to give 360 degree coverage. Ideal for shops and open space areas.

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