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LCX - Leaky Feeder Cable

LCX - Leaky Feeder Cable, 2.4GHz Radiating Coaxial Antenna Cable

Advantages over 'traditional' Access Point network :
  • Uniform Uninterrupted Signal
  • Only a Single AP Required Per Cable Run
  • Ideal For Large Indoor Areas, Warehouse Canyons, Tunnels
  • Area Covered by a Single WiFi Network - no roaming issues
  • Longer Cable Runs can be Achieved Using Regular WiFi Power Boosters

Leaky feeder also called Leaky CoaXial or LCX cable is a cable which leaks a small amount of the radio signal along its length - just like a hosepipe with holes drilled at intervals.

In situations where conventional access-point and antenna combinations have proved troublesome you may want to consider a LCX deployment. For example, a hotel with long corridors and solid concrete floors and walls can require an access point in every room in order to ensure reliable WiFi for every guest. This would be expensive in hardware costs, tricky to install and hard to manage and maintain. A traditional multi-AP type installation would also raise potential issues with client roaming and user confusion when they see several wireless networks.

A leaky feeder installation, perhaps in the suspended ceiling of the hotel corridor, can replace many access-points with just one, feeding a leaky cable over the length of the corridor. The signal from the cable would pass though the wooden doors providing a service to every room. Using a single AP in this way makes the entire wireless network appear as a single WiFi network which greatly simplifies connectivity and roaming issues for the users.

Another example of a difficult WiFi installation is a warehouse or cold-store where stored product creates canyons into which radio signals cannot penetrate. A leaky feeder cable above each canyon hanging from ceiling joists can be a cost-effective one-stop solution.