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PowerTxt Duo Power Control System

PowerTxt Range

What is PowerTxt Duo?

The PowerTxt Duo is a simple, remote power control system that can be controlled via SMS text (2G GSM).

It's ideally suited for business critical systems such as routers and servers - simply connect up to two devices which can then be simply and quickly rebooted via SMS Text Message.

PowerTxt Duo can control these two connected devices independently so that just one or both devices can be rebooted as necessary.

Powertxt Duo is extremely secure, it requires passwords for control and it does not have any access to your connected equipment it can only turn the power on/off.

Powertxt Duo is not an IP/network controlled product.

Key Features

  • - Control power remotely to one or two devices (e.g. a router & PC)
  • - Reboot one or both devices in seconds
  • - Totally secure (no network access/IP address required and no Data/WiFi connection required)
  • - Fast ROI
  • - Instant power outage alert / power restore alert
  • - Each device can be controlled independently
  • - Control by SMS (text message) from your mobile phone (cell phone) or for larger quantities we recommend the dedicated software ‘EstateView’
  • - Simple set up (no additional software or computer required)
  • - Plug and play
  • - Universal IEC connectors
  • - Works globally
  • - Cables included (2 x IEC, 1 x Mains Power)
  • - Password protected (password required for control)
  • - Ignores spam messages (Only responds to pre-programmed numbers)
  • - Can be physically installed by non-technical staff (configuration is done remotely)
  • - Up to 10A (5A max per device)
  • - Dimensions approx. 26cm x 13.8cm x 4.2cm (10.23” x 5.43” x 1.65”)
  • - Manufactured in United Kingdom

Why use PowerTxt Duo?

Downtime of business critical equipment costs time and money as does calling out engineers to remote sites for simple on/off fixes.

Powertxt Duo was developed to be an easy, simple remote rebooting/power control product that is truly independent of any network, it requires no IP address or Data/WiFi connection so it is extremely secure and can be deployed almost anywhere.

Powertxt Duo will instantly reboot any connected device e.g. router or switch when there is a problem to get the equipment back up and running immediately. Almost all equipment requires a hard reboot at some point, if not more frequently so why send an engineer all the way to site when you can use Powertxt Duo to reboot your devices simply and quickly.

You can get your own PowerTxt Duo Appliance Control System here

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