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Products Under £50 - GSM-Antennas

WiFi Antennas presents a range of products under £50.

Products Under £50 - GSM-Antennas

  1. Part No:GSM-DI-4G-DUO
    £41.65 ( £34.71 Ex. VAT)

    Pre Order Now and Save 5% or Expected Arrival Date 29 January 2020

    5/9dBi Directional Panel Antenna - Covers all 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies currently in use in the UK also 2.4GHz WiFi, weatherproof IP66 enclosure perfect for outdoor deployments, supplied with two 40cm pigtails terminating in N-Type Female connectors - ideal for 4G MiFi routers
  2. Part No:GSM-DI-24
    £35.69 ( £29.74 Ex. VAT)

    14dBi Directional Yagi antenna - GSM 900MHz, for 2G services from Vodafone and O2, outdoor aerial comes fitted with an FME Male (Plug) connector
  3. Part No:GSM-OM-7
    £35.69 ( £29.74 Ex. VAT)

    7.5dBi Omni antenna - Suitable for use with 2G and 3G mobile networks, weatherproof outdoor model perfect for adding to GSM devices with marginal indoor performace, fitted with N-Type Female connector
  4. Part No:GSM-DI-13
    £31.79 ( £26.49 Ex. VAT)

    14dBi Directional Yagi antenna - 2G/3G 1800-2100MHz Dual band for 2G services from EE and 3G from all providers, outdoor aerial fitted with 30cm pigtail and N-Type Female connector
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